Street Kids Program

In the urban area of Taman Harapan in East Jakarta, a community that is filled with low socioeconomic residents, a man named Budi Yuntono or “Om Tono” had a calling to share his passion of music to the children in this area. He saw that there is much more these children can do besides hang out in the streets.

Om Tono established this group called Sanggar Merah Putih (SMP) in August 2005, providing free musical lessons to children, playing various musical instruments but mainly violins.

In the 10 years of this group, Om Tono and around 20 member of SMP had performed in several city events and even had an interview from national TV and media.

This group’s existence is without struggle, as SMP does not take any fees from its members and has no permanent establishment to rehearse. Their musical equipment are not kept in a safe place and often practice in open air in the streets or alleys.

Econity90 saw the opportunity to help SMP to be self-sufficient, providing initial fund assistance, opening opportunities for the group to perform more often, and promoting SMP to event organizers and corporations. The project plan is to support SMP for a year with the aim that by the second year this group can be self-sufficient and have adequate access facilities to rehearse and safeguard their instruments.

Econity90 has delivered actions and training to SMP in the form of:

  • Support group and appreciation meetings with the group members.
  • Financial planning and organizational knowledge transfer.
  • Providing temporary building to rehearse and keeping instruments.
  • Repairing worn down instruments and performing costumes.
  • Promoting SMP to perform professionally on corporate and social events, enabling this group to fund their own operation costs.
  • Producing and marketing of SMP Compact Disc.
  • Promote any partnering opportunity.

Below are photos of our activities with Sanggar Merah Putih: