School Renovation

School Renovation

Education is one of the key vehicles for Indonesia to compete globally. However, education in Indonesia still has several problems related to quality: limited access, distribution problem of good teachers, bad quality of building, poor facilities, etc.

There are more than 10.000 schools in Indonesia have poor building construction. This situation creates uncomfortable and dangerous environment for student to get high quality education.

Since last year, Econity90 has been focusing on renovation and providing facilities for school in sub urban, rural or blank spot area.

Below are our school renovation projects that has already been finished:

  • MI Darussalam Project: Built new classrooms for elementary students in Madrassah Ibtidaiyah Darussalam, Babelan Bekasi.
  • Sekolah Alam Tunas Mulia Project: Built new classrooms for Sekolah Alam Tunas Mulia located in TPA Bantargebang, Bekasi.
  • SMP TKB Bandeng Project: Built new classrooms for Junior High School in fisherman villages, Babelan, Bekasi.

There are still many projects to continue because we have vision to build more classrooms throughout Indonesia.

Below are our sample of works: